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Why Your Hometown is the Perfect Photo Location

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Do you struggle to think of the perfect place for your upcoming photo session? If so, you've come to the right place.

When thinking of photos, whether for family portraits, engagements or anything in between, most people tend to think of specific locations around their state. Around Kentucky, some of the most popular locations are places like the University of Kentucky Arboretum, Red River Gorge, Shaker Village and other similar areas. While those locations, and others like them, are absolutely stunning, sometimes the perfect location for you lies right in your backyard.

What I am here to tell you is... NEVER underestimate the beauty of your hometown's downtown area, no matter how big or small.

Audrey and Rob are the perfect example of this. When the two approached me and wanted to do their engagement session in downtown Cynthiana, Kentucky, I couldn't say no!

For those unfamiliar with Cynthiana, it's a small town about 45 minutes away from Lexington. It's my hometown and for many years, I listened to my friends talk about how they couldn't wait to leave it. Back then, if you asked someone to do a shoot downtown, you most likely would have gotten an resounding 'no.' Since I graduated high school and moved to Lexington, Cynthiana has really grown! With the addition of a new market & cafe, a local brewery, new restaurants and a cute coffee shop, the downtown area has become much more appealing to those living in the city and also to visitors. Still, most people probably wouldn't think of it as a location for photos.

For Audrey & Rob, it made perfect sense. Like myself, Audrey grew up in Cynthiana and it's where the two will start their lives together. During their session, we were able to capture sweet memories in front of places Audrey has known all her life, as well as the new places that her and Rob will experience for the first time together. The town has formed Audrey in various ways and for her & Rob, it will be the foundation on which the beginning of their marriage will be built.

Aside from Cynthiana being sentimental to the two, the shoot allowed me the creative space to turn what people see as everyday and mundane places, into stunning portrait backdrops. If I do say so myself, the session turned out wonderfully and it may be one of my favorite shoots to this day.

Take a look at a portion of Audrey & Rob's gallery below, and when you're location scouting, consider giving your downtown area a fair shot!

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