• Lauren Shepard

Emory & Lindsay... A Surprise Engagement

&, of course, SHE SAID YES!

I first met Lindsay wayyyyy back in elementary school. For some reason, the most vivid memory I have with her is hanging out in our 5th grade teacher's classroom at Eastside Elementary after school hours... drinking Dr. Pepper. Who knows why that stuck with me so much, but here we are.

Then, Lindsay moved to Texas. Years later, that's where she met the love of her life, Emory.

Flash forward to August 2019, Lindsay and Emory were coming to Lindsay's childhood home in Kentucky. When Lindsay reached out to me and asked about getting professional photos done at her family farm while on their trip, I was beyond excited.

So, that's exactly what we did. The day came and I drove out to our location. You see, her family owns the most beautiful farm in Cynthiana, KY. It has so many special characteristics that mean so much to Lindsay. I felt honored to be able to shoot there and capture tangible memories there for her in a place that already holds so many memories for her and her family.

It truly was a day Lindsay will never forget, only adding to the sentimental value her family's beautiful farm already holds.

We started just as every other couple's session does, taking beautiful, posed photos in different locations around the farm. Halfway through the session, we were headed back to the house so that the two could change into different outfits, when Emory dropped to one knee, asking Lindsay the one question every girl dreams of answering... and to no surprise, she said yes to the man she knew she wants to do life with.

The moment surprised Lindsay... and ME! I had NO idea I was there to capture one of the most precious moments between two people, but I couldn't have been happier to do that for my childhood friend and her soul mate.

To this day, their session is my absolute favorite I have ever had the privilege of capturing. Their story for sure doesn't end here. The two are set to marry June 2020 on that same gorgeous piece of land, and I'll be there once again to capture the beauty of the knot they're tying.


See Emory & Lindsay's gallery below!


Are you reading this, planning an engagement or wedding of your own? Contact me and let's chat about how I can capture these memories for you!

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