• Lauren Shepard

Children Grow Up in the Blink of an Eye.

Before you know it, your precious 6lb 9oz baby will be grown with a child of their own.

Don't leave this time to memories alone. Let's make something tangible from them.

Milestone sessions are by-far one of my favorite session types to shoot. Not only is it so fun to work with children, but you can watch them grow right there, just flipping through photos.

The best part? These sessions can look like whatever you want! They can be as simple as shooting in your child's bedroom, or you can choose an elaborate theme and run with it.

My very first milestone session I ever shot is still my favorite to this day. I first met Greyson during my Easter mini sessions when he could fit in an Easter basket. A few months later... he was "Halfway to First."

Greyson's sweet mother, Madison, reached out to me with the cutest idea to mark Greyson's 6-month milestone and I was ecstatic. Since meeting my now husband in 2017, baseball has quickly become one of my favorite things. So, when Madison suggested a baseball themed session, I was all for it.

We found an available ball park dugout, got some old-school baseball props and, I would say, hit a home run.

6 months later, Greyson finally made it to first base! We re-visited the ballpark, this time with a baseball smash cake, and took a swing at it.

Both sessions were so fun to shoot and seeing how much Greyson grew and what he learned in the short months between each session was incredible, and completely evident in the photos.


See photos from each of Greyson's milestone sessions below!


At first, sessions like this may seem frivolous to you. As a person who loves professional photos (obviously), I will most definitely be doing sessions like these for my children someday and would HIGHLY encourage you to do the same.

The photos are tangible memories you'll have forever and ever, and they're absolutely worth every penny and minute put into them. Trust me, you WON'T regret it.

SO. Does you or your child have a favorite color? LOVE a certain TV show or sport? Have a favorite food? Have a cute bedroom? Favorite animal? Let's make use of it!

Visit my "Contact" page and let's chat about the perfect way to capture your child's milestones! Not convinced? Let me know what's holding you back! ;)

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